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Servitude. Transformational Leadership. Empowerment.

As passionate thought leaders and proven drivers of change, Paul and Ebony Robinson are ready to inspire your organization to usher in a new era of workforce innovation, leadership, and change management.

They press the envelope in innovative ways to engage and educate organizations on their social responsibility efforts in the space. Paul and Ebony’s innate ability to connect with leaders across industries, including the construction and education sectors, helps bring all the stakeholders together for a shared purpose: build reachable opportunities through construction. 

If you’re looking for workforce development consultants who can guide your organization toward embracing innovation and inclusion, reach out to ConstructReach today! 

Our Speakers

Paul Robinson

CEO and Founder of ConstructReach

Since founding ConstructReach in May 2018, Paul has been at the forefront of addressing the retirement crisis within the construction industry. Recognizing the imperative to attract a younger and more diverse demographic, Paul has initiated partnerships with global brands, such as Walgreens, Nordstrom, Target and ICL, and inspired students nationwide to seek out careers in construction. His diverse experiences have equipped him with a comprehensive skill set in project management, construction, and fostering positive organizational cultures. Paul helps leaders drive change for the next generation. 

Who is ConstructReach?

Ebony Robinson

Director of Business Development and Community Relations

Ebony is a seasoned results-oriented sales professional, specializing in commercial services, team leadership and development, brand management, and marketing. She has developed new sales initiatives and product launches that resulted in over 50 million in sales for a variety of companies. At ConstructReach, she spearheads a national initiative that intentionally engages the next generation of diverse talent by exposing them to construction career pathways, bridging the gap between industry and education. She is passionate about leading with a servant’s heart, igniting organic connectivity to bring communities together across the country. 

Featured in: ProBuilder, ConstructionDive, Style Vault Boutique’s EncourageHER Experience speaker, Top Leaders in Real Estate & Construction from the World Real Estate & Construction Forum (WRECONF) award recipient, Construction Ready’s Little Builders program consultant, Behind the Desk contributing author.

Finding Solutions to Bridge the Gaps

Keynote Topics

Paul and Ebony work with expanding companies and general contracting firms across the U.S. to inspire and educate leaders toward creating a more inclusive workplace. Recognizing that each team is on a specific journey with unique challenges, speaking programs can be tailored to your organization’s distinct needs.

Keynote topics Paul and Ebony can speak to include:

  • Transforming Construction Leadership

  • Fostering Diverse, Skilled Workforces 

  • Building Collaborative and Resilient Enterprises 

  • Leading Organizational Change 

  • Empowering Your Workforce 

  • And more!

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