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The construction industry holds immense potential and opportunity for young adults.

The Young Adult Advisory Council provides a platform for aspiring builders, architects, engineers, and innovators to connect, collaborate, and make a difference in the construction industry.

The ConstructReach Young Adult Advisory Council (YAAC)

for Young Adults

Who is YAAC?

The ConstructReach Young Adult Advisory Council (YAAC) comprises of highly motivated, determined, and hard-working young adults. This council will be strengthening the bridge between employers, educators, and students. These individuals will be advocates within the industry by providing relevant feedback to industry leaders, investing in the next generation of leaders, sharing professional development resources, and creating a broader network to expose a younger demographic to opportunities across various career pathways.

What is the Mission of YAAC?

  • Educating the youth on construction careers
  • Creating pathways for young people to connect with industry professionals
  • Promoting DEI initiatives in construction
  • Positioning ConstructReach to be a facilitator uniting employers, educators, and students
  • Creating national best practices and standards

What is in it for you?

YAAC offers you a platform to amplify your voice and influence decisions within the construction industry. Your perspectives, ideas, and feedback directly shape programs, and initiatives that impact both your career trajectory and the broader industry landscape.

As a member of YAAC, you have the opportunity to make a tangible difference in your local community by advocating for initiatives that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in built environment. Moreover, your contributions extend to a national level, where you can collaborate with peers from across the country to develop best practices and standards that benefit the industry nationwide.

YAAC offers various avenues for professional development, including workshops, seminars, and networking events tailored to young adults in construction-related career pathways. These opportunities enable you to enhance your skills, expand your knowledge, and stay updated on industry trends, positioning you as a competitive candidate in the job market.

YAAC serves as a gateway to exclusive internship, co-op, and career opportunities within the construction industry. Through partnerships with leading companies and organizations, you gain access to hands-on experiences, valuable connections, and potential pathways for advancement in your chosen field.


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