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The construction industry is in crisis — you know this better than anyone. ConstructReach has the solutions you need to grow and thrive.

ConstructReach partners with General Contractors across the country to create opportunities for the next generation. Our approach provides a lasting solution for your hiring needs and, most importantly, a future for the construction workforce.


for Construction Executives

ConstructReach empowers General Contractors to tackle their most important challenges head on: from an aging workforce and imminent labor shortages to meeting the demand for diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives.

The landscape is daunting, with more than half of skilled construction workers approaching retirement age — but we know firsthand the incredible potential of the next generation. As your strategic partner, ConstructReach will infuse your pipeline with young, diverse talent to help meet your short-term and long-term business goals.

Our services for General Contractors and Construction Executives include:

As a member of our professional network, General Contractors can post open positions to our job board. You also gain access to the ConstructReach Community: a social network that unites employers with students and their mentors. See More >

The first step toward making diversity a pillar of your business is to invest in a stakeholder. ConstructReach is a Black-owned company that specializes in the creation and implementation of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives. See More >

ConstructReach takes a holistic look at your business to identify opportunities to increase your visibility — by making direct connections to high schools and colleges, bringing inclusive language into your recruitment strategies, and more. See More >

A successful internship program is one of the most powerful opportunities to convert students into employees who will be leaders at your business. Our team offers program evaluation and consultation for business leaders, as well as e-learning modules for student interns to provide them with a holistic learning experience. See More >

Every year, ConstructReach hits the road to host our trademarked “I built this!” events in cities across the country. This immersive event provides a hands-on opportunity to interact with young, diverse talent and recruit for your business. See More > 

Our Approach

Unify the Stakeholders

Diversify the Pipeline

Build a Better Future


For Our Work


Looking for resources and information on the construction industry? We have the place for you.

ConstructReach completes programmatic workforce development initiatives in the retail space in communities nationwide: to solve or be part of the equation in solving workforce needs. Our team has experience working as a consultant with General Contractors to address complex challenges in real time. As an industry thought leader, we offer a variety of white papers, case studies, and testimonials — plus our social network, the ConstructReach Community, and the iReach podcast — to bring conversations in construction to you. 

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ConstructReach is an initiative that seeks to build the right way. This happens when we construct bridges as opposed to erecting walls at points of difference..
Paul Robinson
ConstructReach Founder

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