ConstructReach is a workforce development initiative that Builds Reachable Opportunities Through Construction.


On a Mission to Bring Together the Young Generation

As a workforce development initiative that builds reachable opportunities through construction, ConstructReach increases the visibility of the construction industry by educating students about career opportunities within construction, connecting general contractors to interns and innovative internship curricula, creating content and experiences to expose a diverse population to sustainable construction careers, and uniting stakeholders to ensure the construction industry continues to thrive.

Construction Company
High School and College Students

Construction Companies

Are you a CEO or executive at a construction company? In charge of hiring top talent for your company? ConstructReach exists to provide you with the most qualified interns (and intern program) so that you can train your future employees.

High School and College Students

Interested in learning more about the construction industry? Almost every skill set is needed in construction—from those who excel in math and science to those who enjoy writing to those who love the outdoors and breaking a sweat.

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Is your organization ready to invest in diversity and inclusion, community representation, and workforce development? Our team is prepared to work hand in hand with you to communicate and exemplify your commitment to a brighter future within construction and beyond.


Are you constantly searching for new and exciting career opportunities and pathways for your students? It is our mission to connect young, diverse people with all that the construction industry has to offer – from internships to our wide network of professional contacts.

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