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Find YOUR calling in an industry that’s full of opportunity — and hungry for talented young people to join the movement.

A career in construction is so much more than a hard hat and hammer. Almost every skill set is needed: from those who love math and science to those who enjoy writing, spending time outdoors and breaking a sweat. ConstructReach can help you find the answers and connections you are seeking. Get started on the career path of your dreams. 

Construction Career Resources

for Interns, Students & Young Professionals

Many young people don’t know what a career in construction looks like. You may think construction work is just swinging a hammer on a build site — and you might not even understand what would make working in the construction industry a person’s first choice. 

Construction fuels our society, and there are countless opportunities for young people to find a successful career in construction — because, the truth is, the industry needs you more than ever. A majority of the workforce is heading into retirement and thousands of jobs across the country need to be filled. That’s why ConstructReach exists: to help students and young professionals like YOU discover how exciting and rewarding a construction career can be.

We offer these resources for students and young professionals:

ConstructReach connects students to internship opportunities with our General Contractor network, and provides ongoing support to maximize your experience. With our e-learning modules, you’ll gain field experience, learn money and time management tips, and collaborate with your supervisor to make sure you walk away with skills you will use for the rest of your career — wherever it may lead. See More >

Through our nationwide network of general contractors, we post job opportunities for internships, apprenticeships, and full-time positions. ConstructReach members have direct access to job openings for immediate hire with some of the largest, most respected employers in the construction industry. See More > 

Career success is amplified by making connections with leaders and mentors who can help you find your path. We built the ConstructReach Community social network to help students and young professionals grow your networking skills and build industry relationships, all on a sleek mobile app you can take with you on the go. See More > 

ConstructReach works directly with local schools to host our “I built this!” events in select cities each year. This full-day, hands on learning experience shows the exciting career opportunities in construction. Between dance parties and VR exploration,
students get to lay floor panels, apply drywall, wire outlets, and so much more. See More > 

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ConstructReach is an initiative that seeks to build the right way. This happens when we construct bridges as opposed to erecting walls at points of difference..
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