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What’s new (and exciting!) in construction?

The construction industry has historically been one of the largest in the world, making up 8.6% of total jobs globally. So what makes now one of the best times to join the workforce? With lots of job openings and rapidly advancing technologies, here are three things that make getting into the industry right now so exciting. 

  • The construction industry is becoming more sought after.

With shifting attitudes brought on by the Great Resignation, workers and bosses alike know employment priorities have changed. Workers want a place of employment that values their time and experience — a place where they have room to grow and connections to make. Moreover, workers are seeking competitive compensation. 

According to Associated Builders and Contractors, “Now is the time to consider a career in construction. The vocation offers competitive wages and many opportunities to both begin and advance in an industry that builds the places where we work, play, worship, learn and heal.”  With over 400,000 open jobs in construction right now, this is the perfect industry for workers looking for a change. 

  • Technology is revolutionizing construction.

Upgrades in construction technology are allowing projects to be more ambitious while still remaining focused. Technologies like AR mapping, building and construction management software, and AI workflow projections allow the build process to be more streamlined and efficient. 

Not only is this great for current workers, but it also means there’s an increased need for tech-savvy workers. This gives young workers — Gen Z and millennials in particular — an advantage when entering the industry. Not only that, but ConstructReach’s network of general contractor partners allows job seekers to connect with companies in need. 

Thanks to this network, Marlon Parnell was able to successfully land a job as an Owner Site Representative for Target, and he has some advice for fellow young professionals: “Get ahead of the game and learn the ins and outs of construction now while you are young.” By getting comfortable with emerging technologies, other young professionals can put themselves on a path to success in construction. 

  • People are getting excited about construction.

Over half of the construction workforce is over age 46. This means the industry needs to start educating young people about potential careers through hands-on, experiential programs like ConstructReach’s ‘I built this!’ events. In 2022 alone, ConstructReach visited four cities, with 500 total students in attendance and 18 industry partners helping to create a great learning experience. 

ConstructReach’s influence doesn’t end there — our outreach efforts are now in the national spotlight. As of November 23, 2022, ConstructReach will be advertising in the Capital One Arena, home of the Washington Wizards and the Washington Capitals. And in October,  ConstructReach was directly mentioned as a key player in the nationwide mission to attract new workers into the construction industry during a White House press conference regarding a new $2.8 billion investment in infrastructure, construction, and manufacturing..

And we can’t forget to mention our iReach podcast! Industry professionals connect with ConstructReach founder and CEO Paul Robinson to discuss the evolving world of construction and the opportunities offered by construction careers as the industry changes, one episode at a time. 


With more eyes on ConstructReach and the construction industry as a whole than ever before, there’s no better time to learn about the exciting opportunities and goings on in construction. 

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