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What does it mean to be a Partner?

Partners are the community of people interested in furthering someone’s career within the construction industry and investing in the future. Once in the ConstructReach community, you are referred to as a Partner because we see you as an integral part to the industry’s success.

Our Partners are a collective group of individuals who are driven and passionate about diversity and inclusion. 

Who can be a partner?

ConstructReach works with expanding companies and general contracting firms across the country. We meet you where you are within your diversity and inclusion journey. One size does not fit all and neither does our offering. We offer several tiers of consulting services and can tailor an approach to fit your unique needs.

A Unified Contractor Network With


What Constructreach Can Do

ConstructReach is a workforce development consultancy and initiative that brings our team of construction consultants in diversity, internship and onboarding programs, and recruitment and retention processes to you for significant competitive advantages.

  • Enhance your network 
  • Create robust internship programs throughout your network
  • Implement diversity and inclusion initiatives
  • Provide direct outreach through “I built this!” student events
  • Hire diverse teams to build your future projects
  • Boost your visibility in the communities where you build
  • Increase brand awareness and goodwill


A Consulting Approach Tailored to Your Needs

An assessment to determine ways to improve diversity in your construction program
Invitation to attend live panel discussions with industry leaders, either virtually or in-person
Access to important data about the construction industry and its impact on your company
Your brand added to the ConstructReach website for increased exposure and visibility
An invitation to join the ConstructReach Community to connect to construction leaders, employees, and students interested in construction
Review of your building strategy and implementation plan
Full assessment of your diversity and construction programs
Internal training for your construction department managers
Your company featured in an “I built this!” event in your community

Let’s build a bright future together.

For any questions about service offerings or our pricing structure, contact the ConstructReach team and we’ll be happy to answer.