Tune in to iReach, the ConstructReach Podcast

While the ConstructReach team has been hosting and participating in important conversations surrounding the construction industry as it relates to diversity, inclusion, economic stability, and more since its founding – the time has finally come to share them with the world at the touch of a button.

Introducing iReach, the ConstructReach Podcast.

Weekly episodes of iReach focus around not only important topics like community building, industry trends, corporate responsibility, diverse recruiting and others, but also the brightest minds within construction who work for GCs, large brands, associations, and educational institutions. Hosted by ConstructReach Founder, Paul Robinson, the goal of the iReach podcast is self-explanatory in nature: to reach every stakeholder within construction around the world so that they feel informed, included, and seen as the industry continues to evolve over time.

Subscribe and tune in to listen to pivotal conversations and individuals working to continue breaking barriers within construction in order to pave a way for a brighter, more equitable future.

Themes include:

  • Building and promoting inclusive cultures
  • Construction opportunities in 2022 and beyond
  • Paving the way for future generations
  • Staying socially aware as a company and/or brand
  • Success stories within the industry
  • Career development best practices
  • The ins and outs of resumes and job descriptions
  • Creating and implementing DEI initiatives
  • Investing in training plans and programs
  • Networking and pipeline development
  • Industry innovation
  • So much more

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