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Terrez Jones with gray square background

Terrez Jones

Terrez Jones joined the team as ConstructReach’s Summer 2019 Intern and has a passion for Business Management and Marketing. We chatted briefly with Terrez about this new experience and advice he has for other high school students.

What high school do you currently attend and grade level?

This Fall, I’ll be a senior at Marquette High School located in St. Louis, Missouri.

What is something that you unexpectedly learned while interning at ConstructReach?

Something I’ve learned is communication skills! If I had a question, I had to be comfortable enough to ask it. Or if there was a problem, I had to be able to voice it. I’ve also learned about time management and responsibility.

Following up from the previous question, how has your experience influenced your future career path?

My experience at ConstructReach influenced my career path positively because my internship provided me with hands on professional experience, and made me realize that going into the business field in life will be hard but also fun at the same time. Most importantly, I will be able to network, meet more people, and make even more connections.

What’s one piece of advice that you have for current juniors and seniors in high school?

Keep your end goal in mind, and don’t change yourself to please others.

What are a few goals that you have after graduation?

After graduation I would like to go on vacation, and relax.

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