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Nasir Smith with Fulcrum and Target

The ConstructReach Internship Program:


ConstructReach’s internship program is built to give interns real-world experience as well as advance critical skills they’ll need in the future with e-learning modules. Interns walk away from the program with invaluable industry exposure through work-based learning — along with professional connections and career opportunities. 

The Importance of Connections

Nasir Smith started his career as a Superintendent Assistant at Fulcrum Construction, one of ConstructReach’s partners who utilizes the ConstructReach internship program’s e-learning modules. Nasir’s experience with Fulcrum changed the way he thought about his future. He could see the variety of pathways the construction industry has to offer.

Through his connections at Fulcrum and his work on a Target perimeter remodel, Nasir learned a position with Target, another brand partner of ConstructReach, would soon open. It was then he set his sights on his new role: Associate Project Manager at Target.

Nasir’s day-to-day responsibilities include store walks to ensure the remodel is flowing according to plan, and he is learning how to conduct himself as a Target Owner Site Representative (OSR) through one of his mentors, Derrick Williams. 

The Skills to Succeed

Nasir has learned every day presents a chance to learn something new, an opportunity to climb the construction industry ladder through new tasks and experience.

The e-learning modules teach soft skills, including time management, which Nasir quickly saw as a skill that would make him more competitive in the construction workforce. Using time efficiently not only keeps projects on track for completion but can also cut down on budget overages. He also agreed with the modules’ need for strong communication, because “a project without proper communication between all parties is a disaster waiting to happen.” 

Nasir has also seen there is no set way on how a project could be completed. “There are numerous strategies and tactics to use,” Nasir says. “The construction industry is constantly evolving, so being flexible is a good skill to have.” 

Advice for Newcomers

Nasir’s short-term goal: learn everything possible as he shadows the OSR and Project Manager (PM) positions. His long-term goal is to continue to learn and hopefully end at the top of Target construction. He knows staying curious will help along the way.

“One will never learn as much as they truly can if they don’t ask questions,” Nasir says. “If you are confused and need help understanding something, ask, learn, and improve.” 

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