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Israel Carteno and Walgreens


Construction companies need to fill their workforce, and younger generations who desire high-paying jobs without spending 4+ years in college are ready to work. However, without the right resources or connections, most young people have difficulty entering the construction workforce. ConstructReach bridges the gap between construction companies and interested students through robust internship programs, where students, like Israel Carteno, can become motivated, hardworking, and successful construction professionals.

Stepping His Toes Into Construction

Israel was connected to the Walgreens internship through his school advisor. During the internship, Israel’s day-to-day responsibilities included listening in on team meetings and having one-on-one conversations with Walgreens employees in many different roles. Israel said the meetings helped him “better understand Walgreens as a whole.”

Building A Toolbox of Knowledge

The internship provided Israel the opportunity to learn the daily responsibilities of various jobs at Walgreens. Israel gained on-the-job knowledge and experience that helped him develop confidence and set him up for success in any future job or internship.

Walgreens also impressed upon Israel the importance of safety and how to prevent unsafe work environments, and helped him earn his OSHA-10 certification. He also completed ConstructReach’s e-learning modules, which cover soft skills such as time management and communication tactics.

Work-based learning enabled Israel to learn tools including SharePoint, ProTrack, and BIM 360 — tools used by construction companies across the country which give Israel a competitive edge when entering the workforce.

A Plan for the Future

Israel plans to continue expanding his knowledge with Walgreens and expanding his own network. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Israel’s long-term goal is to “find what role I believe I would enjoy making a career out of in the industry.”

A bright future is ahead for Israel thanks to the knowledge and confidence he gained during the internship.

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