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Eric Pacheco

With offices in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and San Antonio — Fulcrum Construction creates high-quality, people-centered, retail commercial construction built to inspire. Eric Pacheco has joined Fulcrum Construction and answered a few questions about his career and journey in the construction industry.

Name: Eric Pacheco

Job Title: Project Engineer/Intern

Education: Senior at Kennesaw State University

What inspired you to enter your career-field?

My father had a construction company when I was growing up, so I have always been exposed to it. I enjoy learning everyday while completing the project. I have always been pretty good with my hands and I enjoy the satisfaction of working hard towards a project and seeing the final product in the end.

What are a few of your day-to-day responsibilities?

  • Coordinate with subcontractors to make sure they get their tasks completed and make sure they work together for a common goal.
  • Track down/order material needed
  • Plan ahead for what is needed in the future
  • Making sure everyone is cleaned up and off the floor before the store opens

What’s one piece of advice that you would give to a young professional?

Don’t be afraid to fail as we all have our mistakes and at the end of the day we aren’t perfect. We all live and learn and it will come to you over time.

Are there any short-term or long-term goals that you have for yourself?

Short: Gain as much experience before I graduate to be as well prepared as can be.

Long: Find the area I enjoy working in the most and start my own company with individuals that are as passionate about it as I am.

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