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Three Ways to Diversify Your Subcontractor Base

It’s no secret: general contractors have a trusted list of subcontractors they prefer to work with. But did you know this could be hindering your growth in the construction industry?

By diversifying your construction team, you can encourage more informed decision-making, increase productivity, and create a welcoming, inclusive environment.

At ConstructReach, we understand the importance of inclusivity. Here’s what you can do to diversify your subcontractor base:

1. Make new connections in your community.

Develop relationships with your city’s chamber of commerce, as well as any cities where you do work. Taking this opportunity to connect with business owners can help you gather referrals to their trusted partners.

Many chambers host webinars and provide research articles about promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace — and the quickest way to do this is by attracting new talent. Make sure your company culture is clear and exemplifies your commitment to diversity and your community.

Also, seek out chambers specifically dedicated to increasing opportunities for minorities. For example, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan St. Louis aims to connect members in the Hispanic community with opportunities through networking events, social media, newsletters, and more.

2. Expand your network by asking for referrals.

Once you’ve partnered with a few diverse subcontractors who do great work, you should network, network, network. Ask your trusted subcontractors to introduce you to other subcontractors they trust. Over time, you will build a network of diverse, experienced workers who come highly recommended.

As you are gathering referrals, let your contacts know you are open to new jobs. They may return the favor and recommend your work to someone else, which ultimately increases your opportunities in the workforce.

Don’t forget to join ConstructReach’s social network to chat with construction industry leaders, find qualified and excited individuals looking for an internship or career in construction, speak to your peers, and get genuine insight into how a career in construction can be fulfilling, challenging, and unexpected.

3. Join a contractors association.

Contractors associations provide important professional development opportunities. By joining an association, you show that you are wanting to not only attract top talent, but also help your colleagues increase their knowledge and experience in the workplace.

The National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) and the National Black Contractors Association are two of many organizations dedicated to supporting minorities and other underrepresented groups in the construction industry.

Membership with these associations shows your company is working on increasing diversity and providing a culture that encourages personal and professional growth.

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