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Take a deep dive into ConstructReach’s 2022 impact!

ConstructReach continued its mission in 2022 reaching even more brands, general contractors, students, and young adults interested in pursuing a career in construction. As the world opened up after the COVID-19 pandemic, the organization’s trademark “I built this!” events gained momentum, with more events hosted this year than in all years prior.

The construction industry remains hungry for a diverse workforce to help backfill the employees set to retire in droves within the next five years. With competition for top performers increasing, construction industry executives continue to invest in creating authentic, accessible cultures marked by innovative training and mentorship programs.

To help even more brands and general contractors, ConstructReach used 2022 to get laser focused on scalable business models. The organization’s innovative internship program proved successful at Target locations around the country, and is now in the process of being replicated and customized with other household brands, such as Nordstrom.

The ConstructReach mission continues to impact and shape the future of the construction workforce throughout the country, with new opportunities revealing themselves — including possible expansion into other industries. Take a deep dive into our accomplishments over the past year and our goals for the future here!

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