Lankford Construction Company

Lankford Construction was built on family values.  As the company grew it was strengthened by corporate structure while maintaining its original standards – quality, professionalism, safety, and service – with each client’s expectations prioritized.

We are fortunate to have team members that take pride in their workmanship.  Quality control starts at the ground level – in the field – and is monitored by field visits from our president, project managers, safety coordinator, insurance company, clients, and building inspectors.

L.I.F.E. – Lankford’s Injury Free Environment.  The Company takes great pride in placing safety and health first in the workplace.  It is Lankford’s policy to provide a safe place to work at all times – for our employees, subcontractors, and customers (as well as their guests).  Our on-going Safety Program (LIFE) ensures that all employees conduct their work in an environmentally conscious, healthy, and safe manner.  Safety is a team effort.

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1455 Karlens Way Johnsburg, IL 60051

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