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ConstructReach: Building A Better Future In 2024

A note from ConstructReach’s Paul Robinson, Founder and CEO, and Ebony Robinson, Director of Business Development As we stand midway through our 5th year as a workforce development consulting initiative, and also on the front end of 2024, we’ve got our eyes fixated on an exciting future of expanding our reach in the construction industry, […]

2023 Impact Report

In 2023, ConstructReach turned 5 years old: a significant milestone that included a new website, an anniversary social campaign, new podcast episodes and an overall rebranding to ensure the company’s visual identity truly reflected its mission, vision, and values. Read the Constructreach 2023 Impact Report    

Bridging the Divide: Attracting Younger Generations to Construction

Men working on construction job

Several years ago, the construction sector grappled with a looming challenge: the impending retirement of a significant portion of its workforce. A 2019 study revealed that 41% of the industry’s workforce was projected to retire by 2031. Additionally, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is expected to generate a plethora of new construction jobs, leaving […]

6 Ways for HR Professionals to Drive DEI Initiatives Forward

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives impact every level of the construction industry — and HR teams play a critical role in the conversation. There’s much to be gained from an inclusive workplace culture: from new perspectives and innovative ideas, to a better reputation among employees and clients. If your role is responsible for carrying […]

Take a deep dive into ConstructReach’s 2022 impact!

ConstructReach continued its mission in 2022 reaching even more brands, general contractors, students, and young adults interested in pursuing a career in construction. As the world opened up after the COVID-19 pandemic, the organization’s trademark “I built this!” events gained momentum, with more events hosted this year than in all years prior. The construction industry […]

In Review: 5 Years of ConstructReach “I built this!”

2023 is ConstructReach’s five-year anniversary, with this year’s “I built this!” events marking half a decade of introducing young, diverse talent to the construction industry. We’re taking a moment to celebrate just how far we’ve come and prepare for the places we’ve yet to go.  2019: “I built this!” Atlanta Our very first “I built […]

How a Diverse Talent Pipeline Benefits Everyone Involved

You’ve probably heard the term DEI before, and you’ve likely even taken steps toward creating a diverse and inclusive work culture — but do you really understand the full impact a diverse talent pipeline can have on a company?  Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) describe an organization’s mindset when engaging in processes like hiring, promotion, […]

What’s new (and exciting!) in construction?

The construction industry has historically been one of the largest in the world, making up 8.6% of total jobs globally. So what makes now one of the best times to join the workforce? With lots of job openings and rapidly advancing technologies, here are three things that make getting into the industry right now so […]

Three Ways to Diversify Your Subcontractor Base

It’s no secret: general contractors have a trusted list of subcontractors they prefer to work with. But did you know this could be hindering your growth in the construction industry? By diversifying your construction team, you can encourage more informed decision-making, increase productivity, and create a welcoming, inclusive environment. At ConstructReach, we understand the importance […]

Construction Insights with Brenda Curry

Brenda Curry Curtom-Dunsmuir CEO   Brenda Curry is a native of Los Angeles. She earned a B.A. degree from the University of California at San Diego; a Masters degree from the University of Southern California; and is a graduate of the Minority Developers Executive Program at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 1982, Brenda founded and […]