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How To Personalize Your Resume

Personalizing your resume can be a key factor to how the hiring manager chooses candidates for an in-person interview. Applying for jobs with a resume that looks similar to other potential candidates, or simply blends in the pile can lower your chances of standing out. Your resume should emphasize your ...

4 Celebrities Influenced By Architecture

Who would’ve thought the world of architecture could be so diverse? From the fashion industry, to the music business, many of our favorite celebs were either inspired by architecture or studied the field during their college years. In a distinct way, we can definitely say that architecture has a striking ...

5 Networking Tips For Young Professionals

When it comes to networking as a young professional, knowing how to put your best foot forward to take advantage of opportunities in meeting new people can jumpstart your career. According to LinkedIn’s online survey, global professionals around seventeen countries expressed their beliefs about networking, how often connections are made, ...

A Table Worth Sitting At

I want you to imagine for a moment, if you would, that you are sitting at a table with ten other people. Now it doesn’t matter what race, gender, sex, or age you are, just visualize a situation where you are the minority. Eight of the people sitting at the ...

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