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Israel Carteno and Walgreens

SHAPING A CONFIDENT, CONNECTED, AND MOTIVATED NEXT-GEN WORKFORCE Construction companies need to fill their workforce, and younger generations who desire high-paying jobs without spending 4+ years in college are ready to work. However, without the right resources or connections, most young people have difficulty entering the construction workforce. ConstructReach bridges the gap between construction companies […]

ConstructReach: Building A Better Future In 2024

A note from ConstructReach’s Paul Robinson, Founder and CEO, and Ebony Robinson, Director of Business Development As we stand midway through our 5th year as a workforce development consulting initiative, and also on the front end of 2024, we’ve got our eyes fixated on an exciting future of expanding our reach in the construction industry, […]

Jesse Vodges and Haydn Raborn

TAKING DUAL LEARNING APPROACH FOR INTERNSHIPS What happens when an intern and a manager go through training together? For Fulcrum Construction Project Manager Jesse Vodges, and intern, Haydn Raborn, it was important to start Haydn’s internship off on the right foot. Although they didn’t know what to expect from ConstructReach’s internship program, Jesse and Haydn […]