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WHO WE ARE About the ConstructReach Initiative

Welcome to ConstructReach

A Nationwide Community Built to Empower and Diversify an Industry.

We are a community that seeks to change the face of the construction industry. The statistics are in and the construction industry is suffering from a major imbalance in several areas. For a long period of time, the industry has been dominated by the expectations and preconceived notions of others. These ideas have stonewalled an industry that now has more people retiring from it than entering it.

This is good for you.

This means that in an economy and country where more and more people are staying home, struggling to find a career, and at a loss for what to do; there is an answer!

Our community exists to connect you to the world of construction. You can read blog posts, connect to industry professionals, speak to your peers, and get a genuine insight into why this career is fulfilling, challenging, unexpected and why, most of all, it needs you.

“ConstructReach is an initiative that seeks to build the right way. This happens when we construct bridges as opposed to erecting walls at points of difference.”



Giving Back to the Community

Built with the intention to empower and rebuild an industry that is sustainable and boundless in nature; ConstructReach strives to bring together a generation struggling to find themselves with an industry that is ready and willing to accept them. We connect the youth with opportunities that might otherwise be missed or go unnoticed.


Our mission is to reach you where you are, and create a pathway into an exciting, enriching and fulfilling industry.

Interested in Joining Our Partner Network?

If you are interested in resources and information regarding the construction industry, we are the place for you!


Cornerstones of our Initiative



We seek to find the communities that are in most need of employment and education with a sustainable career at the end of it. We reach to empower a new generation (as well as older ones) to take their future into their own hands.



Our goal is to connect people looking for a new career to the people who can make it happen in the construction industry. Through these connections, a vast array of opportunities begin to emerge.



We desire to build a community that enables us to grow together. Our partners have the ability to make meaningful connections, obtain great opportunities, and inspire others to get involved.


You Have Questions. We’ve Got Answers.

Partners are the community of people interested in furthering a career in the construction industry. Once in the the ConstructReach community you are referred to as a Partner because we see you as an integral part to the industry’s success.

Our partners are a collective of diverse talented individuals that span over the entire country with accessibility to invaluable resources from industry leaders, experts and their peers. They are driven and passionate about opportunities that we can provide. Our partners are given the information before anyone else.

Didn’t find the answer you were looking for? Contact us.