Russell Construction Retail Construction Internship/Apprenticeship Opportunities

Russell Construction Company is a dedicated comprehensive provider of construction services to the retail industry. We are currently recruiting Los Angeles area candidates to take part in our paid internship/apprenticeship program. This initiative is open to both union apprentice members and non-union job seekers.

Our field construction internship/apprenticeship is designed to provide growth-minded individuals with valuable, hands-on experience in the commercial retail construction industry. This unique opportunity will allow you to explore a fulfilling career path, develop new skills, build professional relationships and gain confidence – all while earning a paycheck. Internships/Apprenticeships will be conducted during an active store remodel, with a focus on fixture construction and installation. You will have the benefit of working closely with the site superintendent and other construction professionals as you become familiar with the many career trajectories within retail construction.

Tentative 2021 Project Dates:

  1. Culver City, CA – 1 position available, duration of approximately 16 weeks: end of March to mid-July
  2. Eagle Rock, CA – 1 position available, duration of approximately 15 weeks: end of March to beginning of July
  3. Tustin, CA – 1 position available, duration of approximately 17 weeks: end of March to end of July
  4. Alhambra, CA – 1 position available, duration of approximately 17 weeks: end of May to mid-September
  5. San Pedro, CA – 1 position available, duration of approximately 17 weeks: end of May to mid-September


  • Provide support with the day-to-day responsibilities of the site superintendent
  • Manage the receiving and tracking of construction materials and parts
  • Attend meetings with subcontractors, vendors, and project owners and participate in site walk-throughs
  • Assist in providing progress reports to business leaders on an on-going basis
  • Help to ensure safe work practices are being met by all on-site


  • Strong organizational ability
  • Mathematical and mechanical aptitude
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Familiarity with the use of mobile applications
  • Self-motivated; ability to work independently or in a team setting
  • Problem solving skills with attention to accuracy and detail
  • An understanding of the importance of COVID-19 and other safety protocols
  • Must have a reliable form of transportation to and from the job site

Standards of Performance:

  • Quality performance of duties listed in the job description
  • Adherence to corporate policies
  • Reporting to work on time
  • Respectful interaction with the retail store team and customers, other employees, owners, subcontractors, etc.

How to Apply:

Submit your resume detailing your experience and qualifications as it relates to this program to