Retail Construction General Contractor Seeking Candidates for Co-op or Internship Positions (Field)

Scope of Activities of the Firm

Fulcrum Construction is a leading national general contractor focused on retail, restaurant, fuel station, distribution center and grocery construction. Our work includes new construction, remodels, rollouts, refreshes, tenant improvement and site work.

Major Work Area

Candidates will fill the position of Project Engineer supporting the project Superintendents on-site during the remodel of a large retail department store; primarily responsible for managing inventory (a major component of the project) and assisting Supers with various critical construction schedules and day-to-day tasks. This opportunity will provide a valuable boots-on-the ground behind the scenes look into the daily responsibilities and challenges that face the on-site team. You will get your hands dirty (so to speak). You will learn new skills. You will walk away with a new perspective on what it takes to get the job done!! Understanding what it takes to successfully manage projects on-site is key whether your future lies in managing on-site or project managing from a home office.

Job Description of the Intern

Tasks to include, but will not be limited to, tracking/managing all incoming and outgoing construction materials: delivery through disbursement, the organization/maintenance of the boneyard; scheduling subcontractors & rental equipment: receiving, checking & verifying purchase order/delivery reports daily; attending project site meetings; updating plans in PlanGrid, maintaining punchlist, etc. See document below for more details…

See document below for more details…

Job Locations

Internship opportunities are available at the following locations. The intern will be located at the job site for the selected retail renovation project situated in…. El Paso, TX; Mission, TX; San Jose, CA; Charlotte, NC; Savannah, GA; Fresno, CA; Waco, TX

Job Duration

Winter 2023:

  • El Paso, TX start date 1/02, 12 weeks

Spring/Summer 2023:

  • Mission, TX start date – 1/29, 30 weeks
  • San Jose, CA start date - 1/29, 23 weeks
  • Charlotte, NC start date - 4/23, 22 weeks
  • Savannah, GA start date - 4/23, 22 weeks

Summer/Fall 2023:

  • El Paso, TX start date – 5/21, 22 weeks

Summer/Fall 2023

  • Fresno, CA start date - 6/18, 11 weeks
  • San Jose, CA start date - 6/18, 11 weeks

Fulcrum is aware that it may need to be flexible with Interns’ work schedule to accommodate class and/or semester schedules, either to modify hours worked or to shorten the duration for the intern’s involvement in the project.

Training Period

Training to commence on the candidate’s first day of work. Intern will be continually trained throughout the duration of the internship. Onboarding will occur virtually and potentially in person from one of the company’s offices located in: Atlanta, GA; San Antonio, TX and Long Beach, CA. Intern will also participate in an interactive online training program that will be monitored by their supervisor/mentor.

Prior Experience Requirements

We prefer a candidate pursuing a degree in Construction Management, however a candidate pursuing a Civil Engineering or Construction Engineering degree will be considered.

Remuneration Rate

Position pays $17-20 per hour

Minimum Qualification

Pursuing a AAS, BS or MS degree in above mentioned areas

Skills Needed for the Job

Skills preferred but not necessarily required are knowledge of Microsoft Office, inventory control, estimating, takeoffs, scheduling, some project management experience, and a professional demeanor including excellent written/verbal communication skills. Comfortable working on an active construction job site.

Safety Concerns and Issues

The Candidates will be working primarily on the job sites. All required safety precautions will be enforced, including the requirement to wear PPE. The Candidates will be trained on all necessary safety requirements including appropriate COVID-19 protocols.

Last Date for Application

TBD – based on start date of the particular project

Application Format

A resume in Word or PDF format. A cover letter detailing why you want this position would be appreciated.

Method of Application (two options)

To apply, please submit resume to Ebony Robinson at or

Date by which decision on hiring would be made and communicated to the CM Department and the successful applicant.

TBD – based on the various start dates of the projects

Retail Construction General Contractor 2022 Co-op or Internship Position (Field)

Detail Activities of the Assignment/Internship

  1. Verify delivery dates with Customer’s suppliers/vendors
  2. Material delivery tracking
  3. Develop a system for material storage in boneyard.
  4. Track inventory and overall organization of boneyard.
  5. Create and maintain material logs, update daily.
  6. Responsible for keeping boneyard clean and organized on a daily basis.
  7. Submit orders via FUSE (Target program) / schedule updates
    • a. Once they’ve confirmed with the office that the item is actually needed.
  8. Assist superintendent with scheduling subcontractors
    • a. Mainly calling and verifying that a crew will be present during the day/night shift
  9. Post Milestone updates in FUSE
    • a. Add photos once an area is complete
  10. Add punch list items in FUSE
  11. Contact subcontractors regarding any outstanding punchlist items until complete.
  12. Responsible for updating plans with most current DCN’s (Design Change Notices) and verifying current set onsite matches in PlanGrid.
  13. Create and maintain DCN log, verifying subcontractors have received and reviewed.
  14. Create and maintain RFI log onsite, update with responses/dates and notification to required subcontractors.
  15. Responsible for updating plans in PlanGrid with redlines – including subcontractor redlines.
  16. Responsible for container, dumpster, tenting and fencing deliveries and placement at beginning of project and removal at turnover.
  17. Responsible for scheduling dumpster pulls and returns.
  18. Responsible for scheduling, placing, servicing and removal of any temporary restrooms.
  19. Responsible for scheduling, receiving, and returning of all rental equipment.
  20. Receiving, checking, and verifying purchase order/delivery reports daily.
  21. Responsible for procuring any closeout items need prior to demobilizing – (redlines, equipment manuals, etc.)
  22. Hand out badges to subs – verify with office that we have COI, W-9 and signed contract in hand and are cleared to begin work.
  23. Attend all two-week look ahead (TWLA) meetings and update appropriate forms, open up conference line and obtain attendee list.
  24. Assist Superintendent or Project Manager with other project related tasks or reporting.

If timeline permits the following tasks may be assigned

  1. Review plans and ensure owner/subcontractor/GC material furnished items are on site and available prior to starting a construction phase.
  2. Assist the Project Manager with preconstruction bid review and bid solicitation.
  3. Responsible for calling subcontractors and ensuring they will be submitting a bid prior to the bid due date.
  4. Responsible for review sub bid and communicating any discrepancies with the subcontractor and project manager.