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Powerhouse Retail Services is a leading provider of Nationwide Retail Services and Solutions including Lighting, Fixtures and Graphics, Project Management, Sign Services and many others. We leverage unparalleled service and technology to implement solutions that enable retailers to maximize brand presence and profitability. Our information services for surveys and audits utilize our powerful proprietary data management tool, Infinity by Powerhouse, to provide real-time accurate data for our customers. Founded in 1996, originally as a retail signage company, Powerhouse has always provided clients with unmatched service and efficiency.

To consistently provide quality work, on-time, that always meets our customer’s expectations. We will be accurate and precise in our job performance, communication, and customer service.

The Powerhouse Difference: People-Process-Technology
Our nationwide network of employees and Powerhouse-Only dedicated subcontractors local to each market enables us to deploy for almost any job with little or no ramp-up. Our 700 plus team members are background-checked and regularly drug tested to ensure our employees match the high level employment requirements of our clients.

The Powerhouse experts have the experience and team members to provide the expertise to design, create or implement any custom national project you have.

People: First, we have extremely dedicated people – they really do go above and beyond. They will work tirelessly on projects and stop at nothing to make sure we have success, even if it means working around the clock – they truly do care about the clients and the outcome of the work, clients aren’t just a number on a board to them. Our approach to resolving issues is to take accountability and responsibility, not deflect or point the finger back to the client – our competitors have been known to do that. Also, there is Powerhouse personnel on every project we touch, they are our employees, we don’t just outsource blindly. A lot of competitors, especially in the FM space, are brokers – they just farm the work out. We also use what we call “captive partners” when we do sub work. These are guys that have been doing business with Powerhouse on average 10 years and the majority of their business is Powerhouse work – they are essentially an extension of our company and they are required to follow our process, protocols and use our technology.

Process: We invest a lot of resources (money and human) to develop process and protocols that ensure we do the best work possible. Part of that is building very detailed project/program manuals before we begin. It’s a very detailed playbook that breaks the project down to the smallest detail. That coupled with internal program design meetings is a recipe for success. So before we start a project we have taken the necessary steps to plan it out in its entirety, from the first call with the client to the sign off from their site managers when the project is done. The client facing pieces of our process would be the initial project design calls > project manual creation > detailed photography and site sign off paperwork > daily/weekly reports > Infinity.

Technology: To our knowledge no one else in our business has a project management system as sophisticated as ours. It is also something that, when we present it, clients just seem to gravitate toward. Again, we have invested time and money into building a dynamic system that we use to create successful projects, but also allow clients to access site data that they don’t typically get.

To have a positive and lasting impact on people.

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