Curtom-Dunsmuir is a Certified MBE General Contractor located in Inglewood, California. It is the result of a professional collaboration by Brenda Curry and Ronnie Jones who began as joint ventures in government financed affordable housing development and expanded the company into a partnership performing commercial, residential, new, rehabilitation and historic construction. The company has been servicing the South-Central Los Angeles Region for over 38 years, and has expanded its operation into Arizona, Nevada, Kansas and Texas.

Curtom-Dunsmuir takes pride in partnering with a diverse group of subcontractors and the employment of neighbor talent in the creation of quality projects for local non-profits, local governmental agencies, and national corporate clients.

The company is very conscious of the environmental impacts caused by construction. Therefore, C-D has always met or exceeded the anticipated LEED attainment for their projects.

Curtom-Dunsmuir has been recognized as industry leaders in the creation of construction opportunities for the underserved communities e.g. blacks, brown, female and LGBTQ; and the fostering of diversity among its subcontractor partners.

The company believes in the empowering of its workforce and always seeks opportunities to provide training to enhance their professional development.

Head Office

1128 N La Brea Ave, Inglewood, CA 90302

All Locations

Arizona, California, Kansas, Nevada, and Texas