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Brenco Solutions

At Brenco Solutions, we provide service to over 2,600 sites for our nationwide retail, communication and REO clients. By using up to date technology to dispatch jobs on-the-go over our cloud-based software, we help ensure our clients can offer the absolute best. For over 5 years we have guaranteed our 120+ customers trust and dedication only available in a company where the owner is directly involved in all relations.

Brenco Solutions understand the importance of completing every job to scope, on time, every time. That is why we offer real-time updates and notifications to exceed expectations and build lasting partnerships with all of our clients.

Brent McNey, the founder, owner, and CEO of Brenco Solutions,started out remodeling grocery stores in 2002. He worked his way through the ranks gaining the experience and a strong set of skills that would lead him to gain a position with the a National Fixture Installer as an Operations Manager, where he led his team through more than 50 full-scale remodels for a well known nation-wide retailer in only two years.

Sadly, the former company had to close it’s doors and left Brent with a difficult decision. In 2012, with strong encouragement from the former owner of the National Company, Brent founded Brenco Solutions and became a full-service General Contractor in Virginia, Maryland, and DC.

In 2013 Brenco Solutions was contracted to rehabilitate foreclosed properties, gaining experience renovating homes while Numerous National Fixture Installers brought Brenco on board to continue remodeling retail stores. The rehab business took off, leaving Brenco Solutions with the decision to focus solely on the REO side. This allowed the company the opportunity to gain a contract with one of the leading communications providers in the nation.

Currently, Brenco Solutions offers landscaping, snow removal, and facilities maintenance for a leading nationwide communications provider at over 2,000 locations;  and conducts business remodeling, building, and maintaining properties for many other commercial communications, retail, and real estate clients.

Brenco Solutions is dedicated to serving each customer as the only customer, and backs all business with professional quality and uncontested personal consideration.

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19400 Brandy Rd Brandy Station, VA 22714

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